Couch Family Charts

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These Family charts are placed here to show the connection of the Researchers. They are not here to provide Genealogical facts for the family. Dina & I have been through all the Census from 1850-1930. We have tried to transcribe them and place them with a family. If you have question on Census records please send me a message and I will see what all I have on them.

To be listed on the charts as a researcher I do need to have your Connection. By having you listed in my data base is where I keep up with what information & email I have received from you.

Bill Couch

Alexander B. Couch b 1814 Edgefield County South Carolina DNA#5379 Group 8 ( Of Alabama )#253158
Andrew Couch from South Carolina b 1805 Need a DNA and Help on this line   Sep 2010
Andrew Jackson Couch of North Carolina b 1816  #330294
Arthur Couch of Ireland and Canada  #333550
Augustus Newman Couch of Craighead Co. Arkansas(DNA test kit#5370)
Benjamin Couch Left a will in Spartanburg Co SC 1816 h/o Delilah Group 5
Benjamin Couch Jr. s/o Benjamin & Delilah Group 5  (Of Lincoln Co. Tn and Missouri)
Benjamin Couch b bef 1770 of Greenville County South Carolina #5947
Catherine Couch 1812 Ky and Jacob West of Kentucky #340294
Catherine Couch and John Daniel  Married 1814 Orange Co. NC
Chaney Couch was in Rusk Co. Texas by 1850 s/o Eli of Lincoln Co. Tn. Group 5
Christopher Couch of Ireland who Immigrated to Canada and Michigan
Edmond Couch  1850 Census Hamilton County, Tennessee
Edward Couch and Apsilla Watson b 1708 VA DNA Kit #8824 Group 8 ( Of Edgefield County, SC)
Edward Couch & Mary Whitworth Of Orange Co. NC. Son of William (Couch DNA Project #5427)
William Baker & Ellender Couch, d/o John Couch & Mary Prater
Eli Couch Of Lincoln Co. Tn. and DeKalb Co. Al.s/o Benjamin and Delilah
Eli of Breathitt Co. Kentucky
Ephriam Couch b 1874 who was in Perry County Ky
George Couch of Covington Co. Alabama to Louisiana
George H. Couch of Gilmer and Fannin Co. Georgia born 1810
Green B. Couch of Lawrence County, Alabama
Harvey Couch Of Kentucky, Kathy Latshaw Line
Isaac Couch of Laurnes County, South Carolina
Jacob Couch of Craven Co. (DNA Test Kit #5484)
Jacob Couch b 1800 SC  (was in Gilmer County, GA 1850 Census)
Jacob Couch b 1817 Tn. Was in Lauderdale Co. Al 1850 Census.
James Couch b 1823 in England, showed up 1880 in Colorado Census  13 Jun 2010
James Couch 1824 & Louisa Rice of Perry Co. Kentucky
James Couch of 1860 Pontotoc Co. Mississippi
James Couch & Marry (Polly) Family from SC to Coweta Co. Ga. (born 1767)
James Couch & Elizabeth Wideman Family from Abbevill Dist.S.C. (born 1760)
James Couch b 1801 Of Spartanburg Co. SC and Rebecca
James Couch from Murray Co. Georgia, We need to bring this chart up to present time and find a living male for the DNA Test.
James Couch who was in 1850 Census of Claiborne Co. Miss
James Lawrence Couch and Mary Spriggs
Jeremiah Couch Srof Russell Co. Virginia born 1776(DNA#5494)
Capt. John Couch & Rebecca Upton
Capt. James Couch & Elizabeth Powers Family of Virginia. (born abt 1739)
James Isaac Couch Of Izard County, Arkansas
James B. Couch   Of New York (DNA#170216)  25 dec 2009
Joe Couch of Perry Co. Kentucky
John Couch of Virginia b 1793
John Couch And Charity Powell
John Couch of Ashe Co. NC
John Couch & Polly Jones of Ky
John Couch Who was in Alabama Very Early
John Couch SR. of Pickens Co. SC married pt Mary Prater
John Couch of Michigan from Canada
John Couch (Crouch)Of Alloway Creek,Salem,New Jersey.
John Couch of New Jersey b abt 1790
John Couch of Clay Co. Kt born 1816 in Kentucky
John & Rachel Couch of Campbell County Georgia DNA #28155
John or Thomas John Couch of Virginia
John Marion Couch
John W. Couch of Coweta County Georgia.
John Couch & Lavana Gross  from Randolph Co. Ill. to Missouri
Jonathan Couch of Alabama
Jonathan Couch 1781 of Ohio and Illinois DNA #8708
Jonathan Couch of McMinn Co. Tennessee b 1785 ? No DNA for this line yet
Joseph Couch(1750) s/o old Thomas
Joseph Couch who was on the 1800 census of Ashe Co. North Co 
Joseph Couch b 1774 Of NC Listed on the 1820 census of Overton Co. Tennessee
Joseph COUCH-10 (1803-    ) & Jonathan of  South  Carolina 
Joseph Couch & Elizabeth Welch from England to New York
Kenion Couch       Born 1833 Georgia died 1899 in Craighead Co. Ark. Now listed on chart with his parents
Lee Couch b 1803 NC
Levi Couch that was in Coweta Co. Georgia 1850 Census s/o Benjamin & Delilah (DNA #5464 Lewis Couch of North Carolina to Mississippi. Martin Couch of Kentucky, s/o John Mary Couch & James McGhee Descendants (Who were her Parents) Mary Couch and John Fitzgearld Mary Couch that married Willis Pipkin Mary Couch Wife of Jacob Langston d/o Benjamin & Delilah Matthew Couch b 1725 Bristol Parish VA Matthew Couch Millington Couch Need to get a DNA test on this one. Meshack Couch of Guilford Co.North Carolina DNA #6319 Moses Couch who went to Kentucky Moses Preston Couch of Hardin Co.Tennessee s/o James & Mary Nathan Couch of Allegheny County, Pensylvania Nathan B. Couch b 1804 in South Carolina Patrick H. Couch of Missouri, Need help finding parents for him. Patty Martha Couch Wife of Shadrack Waldrop Richard Couch From England to Kentucky then to Mississippi Richard R. Couch of Murray Co. Georgia 1850 Census(DNA Test Kit #5397) Robert Couch Of Murray Co. Ga. and Dekalb Co. Alabama(DNA Test Kit #5432) Samuel Couch of Pensylvania This chart has been merged into William Couch chart May 2016 Samuel W. Couch of Valley, New York Samuel Couch of Clarke and Gwinnett Co. Ga. Samuel Couch 1754 of Springfield,,Berkshire,Massachusetts William McDaniel & Sarah Couch who was in Gwinnett Co. Old Simeon Couch Of Fairfield Conn. Thomas Couch of Connecticut 1639 and Russel Couch and the Webster family Showing lots of connection Thomas Couch of Leslie Co. Ky Thomas N. Couch of Choctaw County, Alabama b 1843 Thomas S. Couch of Alabama a/o James Couch & Mary Spriggs Old Thomas Couch b. 1710 of Orange Co. NC and Sprtanburg Co. SC Thomas Couch & Elvy Lynch Descendants (1774-1822) Thomas Couch & Sally(1757) Thomas Hershel Couch of Bradley Co. Tennessee William Couch b 1803 Mass. Need DNA and help. Sep 2010 William Lynch Couch Descendants (1807-1877) s/o Thomas & Elvy Virginea A. Couch w/o Woodson Daniel d/o Chaney & Elizabeth William Couch group 2
William Couch & Margaret Widdows descendants . William Couch & Mary Jane McIntosh of Perry Co Kentucky William Couch & Rebecca Pierce from Thomaston Georgia to Calhoune Co Arkansas in 1853, later they was in Columbia Co. Arkansas William Couch who was from Pa. and part if this family made it to Virginia.(We now have DNA) William C. Couch William H. Couch of Hawkins County, Tennessee census 1860 & 1870 Couch/Overby Connection