Chaney Couch Family

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Anthony W. Lubke of Texas.
Laura Latham Ingram
Tom HainzeConnect through Margaret Ann
Thomas E. Woolcock

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Chaney Couch was on the 1850 Census of Rusk Co. Texas. I have seen records that he received some kind of Land Grant. Census Record indicate he was born in Tennessee, I supcet he was born close to Lincoln Co. Tennessee. The maden name of Isabella Moffet Christian was suplied by Anthony W. Lubke.

1-- Chaney COUCH-55 (1813-1864)
 sp-Isabella Moffet CHRISTIAN-54 (1812-1887)
    2-- Margaret Ann Couch (1834-   ) Texas
     sp William Hayes
    2-- Elizabeth Caroline COUCH-51 (1832-1907)
     sp-John (Jack) LATHAM-50 (1828-1891)
        3-- James Monroe LATHAM-82 (1856-1901)
         sp-Mary Ellen WILLIS-66 (1857-1937)
            4-- Allie Myrtle LATHAM-67 (1879-1916)
             sp-? HOOVER-65
                5-- James Wesley HOOVER-63 (1901)
                5-- Dennis HOOVER-62 (1906-1908)
                5-- Gussie KATHLEEN-80 (1908-1934)
                 sp-Tom DRINKARD-78
                5-- Nila MABLE-76 (1912)
                 sp-George Eugene BERRY-64
            4-- Bethany Elma LATHAM-71 (1881-1904)
             sp-Francis Edward Sr. DANIEL-6 (1872-1932)
                5-- James Latham DANIEL-21 (1900-1973)
                 sp-Floyd Lorane CRAIG-75
                    6-- Mary Sue DANIEL (
                     sp Thomas E. Woolcock
                5-- John Waverly Sr. DANIEL-2 (1902-1979)
                 sp-Jewell LaFerne BARKER-1 (1907-1980)
                5-- Francis Edward Jr. DANIEL-22 (1904-1967)
                 sp-Helen SMITH-26 (1908-1966)
            4-- Mary Ethel LATHAM-72 (1891)
             sp-Bellus NAIL-70
                5-- Mary Ann NAIL-81
                 sp-? BEAN-68
                5-- Helen NAIL-69
                 sp-? TATUM-73
             sp-Joe CLIFFORD-61
        3-- John Levi LATHAM-52
        3-- William Starling LATHAM-58
        3-- George Washington LATHAM-59
        3-- Thomas Jefferson LATHAM-49
        3-- Mary Ida LATHAM-57
        3-- Annie George LATHAM-56
        3-- Emma Alice LATHAM-53
        3-- Albert Riley LATHAM-48
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