Thomas Couch Will

Box 106 Pack 2732 - Estate of Thomas Couch 1784 Decd.
Widow & John Couch executors:

In the name of God Amen Thomas COUCH of south Carolina enoree and Ninety Six district being sick and weak in body but of sound memory bestowed by God do. This day being the 12 day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred seventy six do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say I give my son William COUCH one shilling sterling, also I give and bequeath to my daughter Judith one shilling sterling, also I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth one shilling sterling. I give to my daughter Patty one shilling sterling, also I gave to my well beloved son John COUCH one hundred and fifty acres of lnad where I now dwell the remainder to my son Drury. also I gave my son Joseph COUCH one cow & calf and one ewe & lamb one sow & pigs & one feather bed. And all the rest and residue of my goods and cattles personal estate whatsoever to be equally divided amongst the younger children but to be possessed by my loving wife during her widowhood. Make and _________ my beloved son John and my beloved wife sole executors of this my will. In trust for the intent and purpose and this my will contained and I make my well beloved son John and my beloved wife to be overseer of this my will to take ______ and see the same aforementioned? according to my true intent and meaning.

In witness wereof the said THOMAS COUCH this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Signed by the said THOMAS COUCH and for his last will and testament int he presence of Us .........

Witness Present
Nathaniel Hillen ...........................Thomas (his Mark)Couch
Ann (her mark ) Stone
John Stroud

South Carolina )
Ninety Six District)
By John Thomas Jr. Esqure ordinary of district aforesaid personally appeared John Stroud one of the subscribing witnesses to the written will before me and made oath that he sat Thyomas Couch sign seal and declared the same to be his last will & testament. That he was then of sound perfect mind memory and understanding to the best of the deponents knowledge and belief and that Nathl. Hillen & Ann Stone gogether with his deponant did sign their names thereto as witness at the request of the testator and in presence and the presence of each other.

Given under my hand the 30th Jan 1784.

J. Thomas Ord

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