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Glen Couch

1-- Arthur Couch (b.1780-,,Mayo,Ireland;d.Aft 1860)
    2-- John Couch (b.Abt 1803-,,,Ireland;d.25 Jan 1888-,North Elmsley,ON)
     sp-Jane Dudgeon (b.1824-,,,Ireland;m.1837;d.Bef 1861)
        3-- Rebecca Couch (b.1838)
        3-- Thomas Couch (b.1840)
        3-- Elizabeth Couch (b.1842)
        3-- Richard Couch (b.1843-,,,Canada)
         sp: Agnes Pappin (b.Abt 1850-,,,Canada;m.22 Nov 1869)
            4-- Ida Gertrude Couch (b.3 Mar 1867-Drummond Twp,Lanark Co)
             sp: Andrew Cameron McFarlane (b.Abt 1861-Perth,ON;m.23 Apr 1890)
            4-- William Henry Couch (b.10 Jul 1871-,,NY;d.1954)
             sp Annie Ashmore (b.8 Apr 1872-Renfrew Co;d.23 Mar 1928)
                5-- James Mel Couch (b.6 Aug 1894;d.2 Jul 1968)
                 sp Alma M Fergusson (b.10 Dec 1890;d.Aft 1933)
                    6-- George Charles (Bus) Couch (b--Abt 1918;d--22 Feb 1980)
                     sp Ruth Catherine Merrick (b--1915;d--1979)
                    6-- Helen Eunice Couch
                     sp: Richard Wilson Cullen (b--1912;d--1969)
                    6-- Donna Couch
                     sp: Arthur Beamish
                5-- George Lawrence Couch (b--6 Feb 1898-Smiths Falls;d--Aft 1933)
                 sp: Margaret A-- Florence Calvert (b--1895-Gananoque ON;m--2 Apr 1919;d--1959)
                     6-- Geraldine Couch
                      sp: Howard Reynolds
                     6-- Margaret Couch
                      sp: Lillian Ridewood (b--1886;d--1968)
            4-- Matilda Annie Couch (b--26 Jul 1872-,,NY)
            4-- Sarah Couch (b--Abt 1877-,,NY)
        3-- Arthur Couch (b--1843)
        3-- Jemima Couch (b--1844;d--18 Nov 1875-Lanark,ON)
         sp: James Burns (b--1842;m--25 Dec 1863;d--22 Jan 1903-Wood Bay Man)
            4-- Robert James Burns (b--Jul 1873;d--29 May 1875-,Lanark,ON)
            4-- Alexander Burns
            4-- Elizabeth Burns (b--Abt 1867-Montreal,PQ)
             sp: Robert McMullan (b--Abt 1866-Ormstown PQ;m--26 Dec 1894)
        3-- Margaret Couch (b--Abt 1846)
        3-- Anna (Amy) Couch (b--1848)
    2-- Eleanor (Susan) Couch (b--Abt 1810-,,,Ireland;d--14 May 1884)
     sp: Henry Cullen (b--Abt 1809-,,Halifax,N--S--;d--8 May 1893-,North Elmsley,ON)
        3-- Richard Cullen (b--17 Jul 1817-Elmsley,Beckwith,ON)
         sp: Margaret Conn (b--Abt 1833-Elmsley,Lanark,ON;m--30 Jun 1859)
            4-- Thomas Wesley Cullen (b--Abt 1860-Smiths Falls,ON;d--23 Jun 1938)
             sp: Ruth France (b--Abt 1866-England;m--19 Apr 1899)
            4-- Elleanor Cullen (b--Abt 1862-North Elmsley Twp,Lanark Co)
             sp: William Ezra McGillivray (b--Abt 1861-South Elmsley;m--17 Jun 1891)
                5-- Adella Maud McGillivray (b--Abt 1892-Smiths Falls,ON;d--22 Oct 1918-Smiths Falls,ON)
                5-- Eleanor Dorothy McGillivray (b--24 Feb 1904)
            4-- Henry P Cullen (b--13 Apr 1861-,,ON;d--9 Jun 1932)
             sp: Elizabeth Jane Keays (b--21 Apr 1862;m--11 Jul 1888;d--24 Oct 1928)
                5-- Cecil Richard Cullen (b--29 Apr 1891;d--1968)
                 sp: Alma Stedman (b--1896;d--1991)
                5-- Merryl Cullen (b--19 Mar 1894)
                5-- Ivan Leslie Cullen (b--27 May 1895)
                 sp: Mary Ita Imeson (b--24 Feb 1896;m--18 Jun 1924)
            4-- Rebecca Cullen (b--Abt 1868-,,ON)
            4-- William Cullen (b--Abt 1872-,,ON)
             sp: Helen M Bruman (b--Abt 1879;m--29 Nov 1915)
            4-- Richard Whitfield Cullen (b--Abt 1874-ON)
             sp: Emily Sophia McCarthy (b--Abt 1871-Franktown,ON;m--22 Jun 1904)
                5-- Sarah Margaret Cullen (b--3 Apr 1910;d--18 Jul 1910)
        3-- John Cullen (b--Abt 1833-Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--19 Apr 1909-Rockwood Hospital Kingston,ON)
         sp: Helen Johnson (b--Abt 1833-Lanark,Lanark,ON;m--15 May 1862;d--20 May 1909-,Lanark,ON)
            4-- Richard (Dick)J Cullen
        3-- Arthur Cullen (b--Abt 1835-,North Elmsley,ON;d--22 Mar 1900)
         sp: Mary Moorehouse (b--3 Jan 1837-Montague Twp,,,ON;m--1 Oct 1862;d--7 May 1920-Perth,ON)
            4-- Thomas H Cullen (b--Abt 1866;d--11 Feb 1941)
            4-- Egerton Cullen (b--Abt 1869;d--11 Feb 1892)
            4-- Edwin Cullen (b--Abt 1871)
            4-- Sarh Cullen (b--Abt 1876)
            4-- Minnie Cullen (b--Abt 1878;d--7 Mar 1942)
            4-- Lavica Cullen
            4-- William E Cullen
            4-- John E Cullen
            4-- Sadie Cullen
             sp: Peter Archibald McLaren
        3-- Susannah Cullen (b--Abt 1836)
        3-- Henry Cullen (b--Abt 1838;d--17 Sep 1867)
        3-- Rebecca Cullen (b--Abt 1840)
         sp: Andrew Francis Dempsey (b--Abt 1832;m--1 Jan 1861)
        3-- Margaret Cullen (b--8 Aug 1842-,Lanark,ON;d--5 Jun 1875-Perth,,ON)
         sp: Joseph F Imeson (b--14 Jul 1839-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--Aft 1901)
            4-- Margaret Eleanor Imeson (b--1875;d--Nov 1920)
             sp: William Rodger (b--Abt 1861-Rosetta ON;m--2 Oct 1895;d--1 Jan 1922-Herrons Mills ON)
                5-- Margaret E Rodger (b--Abt 1910;d--7 Sep 2000-Perth)
                5-- Marion Rodger
                 sp: Stewart
                5-- Edna Rodger
                 sp: Gibson
                5-- Frank Rodger
                 sp: UNKNOWN
                    6-- Harold Rodger
                5-- Earl Rodger (d--1921)
                5-- John Carl Rodger (b--27 Mar 1898-Herron's Mills,ON;d--14 Jul 1921)
        3-- Jane Cullen (b--25 Nov 1846-,North Elmsley,ON;d--6 Nov 1908-Drummond Twp,Lanark Co)
         sp: Thomas Hays Sturgeon (m--10 Dec 1872;d--1880)
            4-- Sarah Matilda Sturgeon (b--Abt 1874-,,ON;d--21 Jan 1904-,Trail,BC)
             sp: George McKeown
                5-- Ellwood McKeown
                5-- Gladys McKeown
                 sp: Art Christensen
            4-- Henry Sturgeon (b--Abt 1875-South Elmsley)
             sp: Alma Adella Detterick (b--Abt 1875-Perth,ON;m--16 Jan 1901)
                5-- Beryl Sturgeon
                 sp: J Adkins
                    6-- Sharon Adkins
            4-- Margaret Ellen (Nellie) Sturgeon (b--22 Aug 1876-Ramsay,Lanark,ON;d--1944)
             sp: George Newton Couch (b--17 Jul 1870-North Elmsley,L,ON;m--31 Oct 1898;d--30 May 1958-,Smiths Falls,ON)
                5-- Hilda Mardell Couch (b--20 Feb 1899-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--5 Jan 1986)
                5-- Richard Couch (b--1 Jun 1902;d--Abt 1904)
                5-- Alta Marguerite Couch (b--1 Aug 1913-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--12 Sep 1998)
                 sp: Robert Young Rev--
                    6-- Marion Ellen Young
            4-- Amy M Sturgeon (b--21 Mar 1879-Ramsay Twp,Lanark Co)
             sp: William H McLenaghan (b--Abt 1868-Drummond Twp,Lanark Co;m--21 Aug 1901)
                5-- Henry McLenaghan
                 sp: Olive Linden
                5-- Caroline McLenaghan (b--3 Jun 1904-Drummond Twp)
            4-- Thomas Hayes Sturgeon (b--21 Jul 1880-,,ON)
             sp: Carrie Valinda Code (b--Abt 1882;m--16 Sep 1908)
        3-- William Joseph Cullen (b--10 Sep 1848-Elmsley;d--18 Jan 1924)
         sp: Eliza Ann Armstrong (b--6 Dec 1852-NET,Lanark Co;m--16 Dec 1873;d--15 Jan 1924-North Elmsley,Lanark Co)
            4-- Wellington Cullen (b--17 Nov 1874-,,ON;d--1947)
            4-- Arthur Brock Cullen (b--6 Mar 1878-Glenview,ON;d--1944)
             sp: Edith Gertrude Ireton (b--1880-Ferguson's Falls,ON;m--3 Jul 1907;d--1961)
            4-- Mowat Cullen (b--16 Oct 1887-North Elmsley Twp,Lanark Co;d--1927)
            4-- William F Cullen (b--1892;d--1909)
    2-- Arthur Couch (b--Abt 1812-,,,Ireland;d--20 Aug 1891-,North Elmsley,ON)
     sp: Ann Dudgeon (b--Abt 1809;m--7 Dec 1837;d--16 Sep 1889-,North Elmsley,ON)
        3-- Rebecca Jane Couch (b--1841)
         sp: Henry Hunter (m--8 May 1866)
        3-- James S T Couch (b--17 Mar 1851;d--17 Dec 1930-Perth,Ontario)
         sp: Rebecca Dudgeon (b--Abt 1841-,,,Ireland;m--12 Nov 1874;d--Bef 1901)
    2-- Richard Couch (b--1820-,,Ireland;d--26 Apr 1906-,,Smiths Falls,ON)
     sp: Margaret Wilson (b--Abt 1826-,Fitzroy Twp,ON;m--20 Aug 1844;d--13 Mar 1899-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON)
        3-- William Couch (b--1846;d--1846)
        3-- James Couch (b--Abt 1847;d--1855)
        3-- Henry Couch (b--May 1849-,Drummond,ON;d--27 Sep 1874)
        3-- Arthur Nasan Couch (b--1852;d--20 Sep 1890-,Kingston,ON)
         sp: Martha Imeson (b--1849-North Elmsley,ON;m--20 Oct 1882;d--30 Dec 1937-,Smiths Falls,ON)
            4-- Norman Wilson Couch (b--9 Oct 1884-North Elmsley,Ontario;d--29 Jan 1964-,Smiths Falls,ON)
             sp: Annie Edith Healey (b--15 Aug 1886-North Elmsley,Ontario;m--19 Nov 1913;d--21 Mar 1965-Smiths Falls,Ontario)
                5-- John Arthur Couch (b--12 Oct 1915-Smiths Falls,Ontario;d--12 Mar 1988-Toronto,Ontario)
                 sp: Helen Mae Gould (b--20 Nov 1920-Smiths Falls,Ontario;m--3 Aug 1940;d--25 Jun 1984-Ottawa,Ontario)
                     6-- Glen Arthur Couch
29573 Glen Arthur Couch 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 14 11 12 11 27
sp: Jacqueline Margaret McLeod sp: Margaret Jane Healey 5-- William Imeson Couch (b--19 Jan 1919-,North Elmsley,ON;d--21 Oct 1987-Toronto,Ontario) sp: Geraldine Mary Covell (b--4 Nov 1922;m--27 Jun 1942;d--3 May 1986) 6-- Lennard W-- Couch (b--15 Dec 1942-,Smiths Falls,ON;d--3 Sep 1991-,Peterborough,ON) sp: Joyce Edwards 6-- Brian Couch sp: Fran Lanzalotta 6-- Susan Couch sp: John Theriault 5-- Edith Norma Couch sp: Buell Sherwood Moore (b--26 Dec 1918;m--4 Oct 1939;d--11 Apr 1970) 6-- Gerald Moore sp: Donna Nixon 6-- Eva Norma Moore sp: Gerald Cooper 6-- Douglas Alfred Moore sp: Sandra Farley 6-- Donald Norman Moore sp Lois Downey 6-- Linda Edith Moore sp James Hampton Ellacott 6-- Joyce Eleanor Moore sp Roy Davidson 5-- Eva May Couch sp Kenneth William Campbell (b--7 Mar 1909;m--1947;d--7 Mar 1990) 6-- Kanneth Mae Campbell sp Gregory John McNamee (m--11 Aug 1973;d--22 Jul 1990) 5-- George Stephen Couch sp Elizabeth (Betty) Meraw (b--9 Jun 1924-Tweed,ON;m--27 Nov 1948;d--1 Dec 1998-,Smiths Falls,ON) 6-- Margaret Ann (Margie) Couch sp Larry Fancy 6-- Lawrence George Couch sp Betty Lemax 6-- Janice Elizabeth Couch sp Craig Simms 6-- John Michael Couch 3-- Jane Couch (b--Nov 1853;d--15 Apr 1876) 3-- Elizabeth Ann (Eliza) Couch (b--5 Nov 1856-Seymour Twp;d--1930) sp Hial W Brooks (b--1854;m--24 May 1893;d--1929) 4-- Delbert Brooks (b--1894) 4-- Virgil Brooks (b--1897;d--1898) 4-- Laura M Brooks (b--17 Jul 1902;d--20 May 1996-,Starke,FL) 3-- Martha Couch (b--5 Nov 1858-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--24 Feb 1907-,Ottawa,ON) sp William James Woods (b--15 Feb 1854-Montague Twnship,L,ON;m--27 Dec 1882;d--16 Sep 1892-,Smiths Falls,ON) sp William Harper 3-- William James Couch (b--28 Aug 1862-Seymour Twp;d--16 Jun 1935) sp Annie Morrison (b--30 Jul 1869-,,North Elmsley,ON;m--5 Jul 1893;d--21 Jun 1920-North Elmsley Twp,Lanark Co) 4-- Stanley Morrison Couch (b--27 May 1894-,,Elmsley,ON;d--2 Jul 1915) 4-- Irene Couch (b--25 Oct 1895;d--3 Apr 1899-,North Elmsley,ON) 4-- Margaret Alma Couch (b--16 Nov 1896;d--20 Dec 1994) sp George Frederick Armstrong (b--31 Mar 1897;m--20 Aug 1924;d--1968) 5-- Frederick Keith Armstrong sp Barbara Rose 6-- James Frederick Armstrong 6-- Margaret Beth Armstrong 5-- Robert Kenneth Armstrong (b--11 Apr 1925;d--12 Apr 1925) 5-- Alva Jean Armstrong (b--3 May 1927-Perth,ON;d--17 May 1927-North Elmsley Twp,Lanark Co) 5-- Donald James Armstrong sp Jean Watt 6-- Donna Ruth Armstrong 6-- Patricia Jill Armstrong sp James Connon 6-- John Curtis Armstrong 6-- Lori Margaret Armstrong sp Scott Quennell 6-- Melanie Shirley Armstrong 5-- John Leslie (Jack) Armstrong sp Irene 6-- Celine Armstrong 6-- Julie Armstrong 5-- Mary Margaret Jill Armstrong sp Donald Buffan 6-- John Paul Buffan 6-- Peter George Buffan 4-- Edna Jean Couch (b--9 Jul 1898 4-- Winston John Couch (b--22 Sep 1899;d--5 Sep 1901) 4-- James Winston Couch (b--5 Jun 1901;d--31 Mar 1944) sp Ita Lucy Dopson (b--1911;m--15 Jun 1932;d--26 Nov 1972) 5-- Ruth Wilhelmine Couch sp Leonard John Fleming 6-- Diane Louise Fleming sp Daniel Paul Joseph Thompson 6-- James Leonard Fleming sp Donna Lee Hanson 6-- Karen Irene Fleming 4-- Laura Pearl Couch (b--1 Oct 1902;d--27 Oct 1993-,Kingston,ON) 4-- Lillian Edith Couch (b--6 Mar 1905;d--25 Jan 1983) sp Gordon H McMahon (m--27 Aug 1937) 5-- Judith Andrea McMahon 5-- Karen Elizabeth McMahon 4-- Annie Irma Couch (b--18 Sep 1906;d--3 Oct 1906-North Elmsley Twp) 4-- Percy Richard Couch (b--11 Feb 1908;d--6 Mar 1953) sp Margaret Arthur 5-- Nancy Couch sp Jim Mulder 5-- Jean Couch sp J Gavura 5-- Catherine Couch sp Allan Wagar 4-- Henry George (Harry) Couch (b--16 Apr 1911;d--14 Feb 1994) sp Marjorie Christie (b--1913;m--16 Sep 1944;d--1999) 5-- Robert John Couch (b--22 Sep 1947;d--23 Jun 1973) 5-- Donald Percy Couch sp Diane Elizabeth Davis 6-- Stacie Diane Couch 6-- Courtney Dawn Couch 3-- Margaret Couch (b--1863;d--1864) 3-- Richard John Couch (b--30 Nov 1866;d--8 Jun 1943) sp Emily Jane Moorhouse (b--16 Mar 1869;m--16 Feb 1894;d--23 Feb 1951) 4-- Muriel Elva Couch (b--2 Nov 1895;d--1 Jan 1979) sp George Alexander Keith (b--1891;m--2 Aug 1916;d--1959) 5-- Elva Keith sp George St-- Lawrence 6-- Ian St-- Lawrence (b--27 Jan 1950;d--24 Aug 1998) 6-- Laura (Lolly) St-- Lawrence sp Colin Brewster 6-- Edith St-- Lawrence (b--30 Nov 1956;d--15 Jun 1992) 6-- Muriel Grace St-- Lawrence (b--5 Nov 1961;d--30 Jan 1993) sp Wayne Curtin 5-- Edythe Keith 5-- Ian Keith sp Catherine Giles (b--23 Jan 1924-,Glasgow,,Scotland;d--7 Jul 1989) 6-- Robert Richard Keith sp Jane Mann 6-- Joan Keith sp Michael Egan 6-- Julie Keith sp Peter Dudley 4-- Clarence Herbert Couch (b--1 Oct 1897-,Largo,FL,U--S--A--;d--2 Mar 1965) sp Bertha Sophia Hope (b--1899;d--5 Oct 1959) 5-- Richard Munro Couch sp Catherine Crane 6-- Roberta Hope Couch 6-- Marjorie Colleen Couch 5-- Marjorie Hope Couch sp Claude Jeffries 6-- Bruce Douglas Jeffries 6-- Craig Scott Jeffries 6-- Catherine Kimberly Jeffries sp Irene Ott 4-- Helen Elizabeth Couch (b--8 May 1900;d--8 Feb 1979-Civic Hosp,Ottawa,ON) sp Walter Earl Ackland (b--27 Aug 1899;m--3 Apr 1929;d--13 Aug 1943) 5-- Richard Earl Ackland (b--3 Apr 1935;d--5 Sep 1972) sp Sherrill Ryan 5-- Donald James Ackland (b--16 Sep 1936;d--1 Nov 1997) sp Joan Elizabeth Dick 6-- Greg Ackland sp Susan Herrington 6-- Janet Ackland 6-- Susan Ackland sp Bradley Prentice 5-- Douglas Ackland sp Carole Upman 6-- Stephen Ackland 6-- Laurie Ackland sp Leslie Patterson 6-- Cindy Ackland 4-- Marguerite Emily Couch (b--19 May 1903;d--23 Jan 1997-,Belleville,ON) sp William Harold Ernest Duffett 5-- Ruth Marguerite Duffett sp Edmund Douglas Wright (b--21 Dec 1920;m--29 Apr 1950;d--21 Sep 1968) 6-- Susan Lillian Wright sp Allan Stewart Young 6-- Sherry Marguerite Wright 5-- Mary Helen Duffett sp John (Jack) William Smail 6-- Linda Mary Smail sp Marc Crevier 4-- Anna Beryl Couch (b--5 Mar 1905-North Elmsley Twp;d--1907) 3-- George Newton Couch (b--17 Jul 1870-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--30 May 1958-,Smiths Falls,ON) sp Margaret Ellen (Nellie) Sturgeon (b--22 Aug 1876-Ramsay,Lanark,ON;m--31 Oct 1898;d--1944) 4-- Hilda Mardell Couch (b--20 Feb 1899-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--5 Jan 1986) ** Printed on Page 3 ** 4-- Richard Couch (b--1 Jun 1902;d--Abt 1904) ** Printed on Page 3 ** 4-- Alta Marguerite Couch (b--1 Aug 1913-North Elmsley,Lanark,ON;d--12 Sep 1998) ** Printed on Page 3 ** 3-- Helen Couch (b--22 Aug 1875) 2-- Jane Couch (b--Abt 1826;d--1847) sp James Wilson (b--25 Dec 1819-,,Leitrim,Ireland;m--31 Dec 1838;d--17 Nov 1903) 3-- Martha Wilson (b--17 Sep 1839-Fitzroy,Carleton,ON) sp William Wilson (b--2 Jun 1839-,,ON;m--27 Sep 1861) 4-- John James Wilson (b--Abt 1860) 4-- Eliza Jane Wilson (b--Abt 1862) 4-- Erma Wilson (b--Abt 1866) 4-- William George Wilson (b--Abt 1870;d--1900) 4-- Richard Carter Wilson (b--21 Oct 1871-,Fitzroy,ON) 4-- Martha Ann Wilson (b--Abt 1874) 4-- Mary Ellen Wilson (b--13 Nov 1875;d--6 Mar 1877) 4-- Robert L Wilson (b--19 Nov 1878-,,ON) 3-- William Wilson (b--17 Dec 1841-Fitzroy,Carleton,ON;d--9 Jan 1923) sp Matilda Rachel Elliott (b--25 Dec 1848-,,ON;m--3 Nov 1868;d--16 Feb 1923) 4-- George Edward Wilson (b--9 Apr 1869-,,ON;d--28 Nov 1936) sp Adeline Fennell (b--1 Jan 1868;d--6 Apr 1930-Pakenham,Ontario) 5-- Lillian G Wilson (b--6 Oct 1908;d--18 Jan 1983) sp John Wesley Barber 4-- Lydia Jane (Minnie) Wilson (b--12 Aug 1870-,,ON) 4-- Amelia Wilson (b--Abt 1874) sp Wesley Moorehouse 5-- Elliott Moorehouse 5-- Florence Moorehouse sp Bidwell 3-- Ruth Wilson (b--Abt 1846-Fitzroy,Carleton,ON) sp John Groves (b--Abt 1842;m--20 Oct 1870) 4-- John James Groves (b--Abt 1876-Fitzroy Twp,Carleton Co) sp Laura Esther Scott (b--Abt 1877-Pakenham,Lanark Co;m--8 Nov 1904)