Samuel W. Couch Descendants

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Researchers of this family

1-Samuel W COUCH b: Jul 1828, d: 29 Nov 1904, Put. Valley NY +Susan J MILLER b: 1831, d: 24 Jan 1900, m: 24 Apr 1850, Orange County NY 2-Franklin COUCH Sr b: 11 Dec 1852, New Windsor, Vial Gate Orange Co. NY, d: 1929 +Leonora DUVAL b: Oct 1853, Brooklyn NY, d: 23 Dec 1894, m: 28 Dec 1875 3-Clifford COUCH Sr b: 22 Mar 1877, d: 3 Oct 1955 +Caroline DREYER b: 1877, Brooklyn NY, d: 9 Sep 1963, m: 25 Apr 1900 4-Jr Clifford COUCH 3-Calvin Frost COUCH d: 2 Oct 1947, Los Angeles, CA +Alwena 3-Clara L COUCH +William E LANE 3-Franklin COUCH Jr b: 20 Sep 1884, NY, d: 24 Jun 1975, NY +Elizabeth WENDOVER b: 12 May 1885, Peekskill NY, d: 2 Jul 1958, Peekskill NY 4-Robert F COUCH b: 9 Nov 1909, Peekskill NY, d: 15 Dec 2001, Peekskill NY +Agnes LAHART , m: 27 Oct 1934 5-R Michael COUCH 5-Christopher COUCH 5-Richard F COUCH 4-Miss Louise COUCH 4-Helen COUCH +Harold S FERGUSON 4-Elizabeth COUCH +William J DORSEY 4-Mary COUCH +William J BEULER 3-Lillian COUCH +Ralph F HOPKINS 4-- 3-Walter S COUCH b: 30 Jul 1890, d: 10 Jun 1986, Peekskill NY +Lillian POINTER b: 8 Jul 1894, d: 13 Dec 1989, Peekskill NY, m: 1920 3-Leonora D COUCH b: NY +Alexander SNOWDEN +Mary IMLAY b: 21 Jan 1863, Long Branch NJ, d: 11 Oct 1954, Peekskill NY, m: 6 Jun 1906 2-Elizabeth Susan COUCH b: Jan 1858, 14 Jul 1858 2-William H COUCH b: 1858, 10 May 1924 , (see note) 2-Clarence Frost COUCH b: 1871, 11 Feb 1904 Note: William H. Couch was not on the rough hand written list by Franklin Sr. as a sibling. However, his obituary was included with the master source material so I've included him as a s/o Samuel W. Couch. Perhaps date of birth off by one year or possible twin to Elizabeth Susan? Compiled by: Kathleen Couch Latshaw, Note from new Researcher You don't know me, but I found your name on the following website while I was doing research on my family genealogy online. My great grandmother and great grandfather are listed on your list below-Lillian Couch and Ralph F. Hopkins. I know that Lillian Couch attended Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ. I know my great grandfather Ralph was the Mayor of Peekskill starting in 1942 I believe the year was. I am trying to locate information on their previous ancestors, or even other relatives (children) that they had. I know that Ralph and Lillian had at least one son (my family lineage), but not sure about any others. I hope I'm not a bother...just curious and would be SOO grateful for any information you might have as you seem to know quite a bit! Just trying to piece the puzzle together. Kindest regards, Damaris Damaris Hopkins