Couch Family

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We don't beleive that this is the Mary who was the daughter of Edward chouch any more. Edward Daughter married William Brockwell hope to have that corrected soon. We will also work on who this family belong to.
Other Researchers of this family
Patricia Kay Richardson
Ernel Loren Luther

        2-- Polly (Mary) COUCH-7861 (1794-    )Orange Co. North Carolina
          sp John FITZGERALD (1783-1875) Virginia
             3-- James FITZGERALD (1809-    ) Alabama
              sp Mahala White
             3-- Elizabeth FITZGERALD (1810-   ) Alabama
              sp James Meek
             3-- Jane FITZGERALD (1813-   ) Alabama
              sp John Reddick (1812-1953) Indiana
             3-- Luvicy Ann FITZGERALD (1814-  )Alabama
              sp James Wolf
             3-- Isaac FITZGERALD (1820-  ) Alabama
              sp Jane Wolf
                 4-- Amanda Fitzgerald
                  sp William A. Hunter
                     5-- Shelby Whitfield Hunter
                      sp Brookie Lydia Murphy
                         6-- Connie Mae Hunter
                          sp William Herman Johnson
                             7-- Billy Wayne Johnson
                              sp Patricia Kay Richardson
             3-- Andrew Jackson FITZGERALD (1822-1897)Alabama
              sp Catherine F. Sherrod (1826-1878) Tennessee
                 4-- Lucinda Catherine Lutitia Fitzgerald (1865-1940) Arkansas
                  sp Robert Cantrell Stewart (1861-1932) Arkansas
                     5-- Maude Belle Stewart (1884-1977) Arkansas
                      sp Pleasant Marion Pace (1869-1950) Missouri
                         6-- Glenna Edith Pace (1905-1999) Lowell, AR
                          sp George Howe Luther (1905-1994) Savoy, AR
                             7-- Ernel Loren Luther
              sp Mary Gamble (            Tennessee
             3-- Gabriel F. FITZGERALD (1825-   )Alabama
              sp Lujcinda Phillips
             3-- Eleanor FITZGERALD (1826- m  )Alabama
              sp Henry Sherrod
             3-- Joshua I. FITZGERALD (1828-  )Alabama
              sp Nancy A. Baker
             3-- John FITZGERALD Jr. (1833-   ) Spingdale Arkansas
              sp Melvina Baggett
             3-- Elmyra FITZGERALD (1837-   ) Arkansas
              sp John Wesley Lynch