Langley Family

The below file are from Bill Couch data. If you can make a connection to this family please let me know and I will show how you connect on the Chart. and give a email link back to you.

Other Researchers for this Family

  • Tom Moore
    In our recent contact you said that the two langley's I had were to old for your Creek Indian wars. I just wanted to double check, The Miles I have who was married to my GGG Grandfathers sister Elizabeth Moore. He was born ca 1809 and would have been about 25 at the time of the Creek Indian War. Jeptha was married to Elizabeth's sister Catherine, and he was born ca 1816, about 19 at the time of the war. I have thier father's name as being Thomas. I have came across your name several times in my research of the Moore's, and I feel we are researching the same family, just can't match them up. Too many of the names are the same. Appreciate the help.

    Also Check out Karen Powell family that is listed at the bottom of the Chart and see if you can Connect her family to this chart.

    Bill Couch
    Tom Moore
    Fred Seaborn LANGLEY
    William (Cheif) Bell
    Ellen LANGLEY
    Grady Langley Jr.
    De Lon H. Gardner

         1-- Thomas LANGLEY-38 (    -    )
          sp-Mary WILEY-39 (    -    )
             2-- John LANGLEY-16 (1756-1850)
              sp-RICHMOND-18 (    -    )
                 3-- Thomas LANGLEY-19 (1788-1878)  ,,,North Carolina
                 Langley admi. of his estate 11-15-1856. If anyone has access
                 to this record in Gwinnett Co. sure would like to see a copy of it.
                 Jeptha was probably the brother to Miles Langston that he also
                 was the admin of his estate on 1 18 1859
                  sp-Esther KITCHEN-20 (    -    )
                     4-- Sarah Ann LANGLEY-21 (1829-    )
                      sp-William D. JINKS-22 (    -    )(Need info on this family Did they go to Craighead co. Ar.)
                         5--James D. Jinks (1852-1905)Gwinnett Co. Georgia (Moved to Craigheads Co. Arkansas)
                          sp Zilpa B. Altman (1861-1915) Craighead Co. Arkansas
                          sp Lavanah (Hancock) WASHINGTON-35 (1827-    )  ,,,Alabama
                         5-- Mary Jinks (1854-   ) Gwinnett Co. Georgia
                         5-- Laura Jinks (1856-   ) Gwinnett Co. Georgia
                         5-- William F. Jinks (1861-   ) Gwinnett Co. Georgia
                          sp Dora Epps
              sp-Margaret BRANDON-17 (    -    )
    I have unlinked Thomas Langley and Ester Kitchen from below and replaced with Thomas T. Langley and Nancy as requested by
     Grady Langley Jr.
    See Email Below 3-- Thomas T. LANGLEY 1781 sp Nancy Langley (1790-1850) 4-- Thomas T. LANGLEY [Rev.]-36 (1807-1865) Jackson Co. Go sp-Frances BENNETT-37 (1808-1880) Franklin Co.,Georgia 5-- Miles Jefferson LANGLEY-8 (1830-1863) ,,Gwinnett Co.,Georgia sp-Elizabeth Ann JACKSON-7 (1838-1896) Franklin Co.,Georgia 6-- Thomas Jefferson Langley (1858-1944) Gwinnett Co. Ga sp Mary Francis Bennett (1869-1931) Gwinnett Co. Georgia 7-- Mamie Alma LANGLEY-40917 (1887- ) ,,Gwinnett Co.,Ga. sp-Hoyt Pinckney OLIVER-41221 (1884-1916) ,,Gwinnett Co.,Georgia 7-- Robert E. LANGLEY sp Versia BROOKS 8-- Fred Seaborn LANGLEY 7-- Carter Tate LANGLEY (1903-1967) sp Thelma A. Stowe 8-- Ellen LANGLEY 7-- Rosa Delle LANGLEY (1905-1978) Loganville Walton Co. Georgia sp James Olive Bell SR. (1899-1973) Jackson Co. Georgia 8-- (Chief) William Langley (1937- 4-- Miles LANGLEY-55 (1809- ) Georgia sp-D. Mulligan -63 (1805-1845) 5-- Martha LANGLEY-64 (1830- ) Georgia 5-- Lucretia LANGLEY-65 (1833- ) Georgia 5-- Emily LANGLEY-66 (1840- ) Georgia sp James Cashuel BRAND (1834- ) 5-- Americus LANGLEY-67 (1841- ) Georgia 5-- Isaac LANGLEY-68 (1845- ) Georgia sp-Elizabeth MOORE-56 ( - ) 5-- Willis S. LANGLEY-58 (1847- ) Georgia 5-- Elija Logan LANGLEY-59 (1849-1923) Georia sp-Obedient Yancy-77 (1844-1912) 6-- Charles C. Langley (1870-1941) Gwinnett County, Georgia sp Maggie Lee Wardlaw (1874-1934) Gwinnett County, Georgia 7-- Mae Lillie Langley ( 1896-1981) Gwinnett County, Georgia sp James Wesley Starnes (1887-1976) Fulton County, Georgia 8-- Mary Magdalene Starnes (1935-1998) Gwinnett County, Georgia sp De Lon H. Gardner 5-- Mary LANGLEY-60 (1852- ) Georgia 5-- Francis LANGLEY-61 (1855- ) Georgia 5-- Lydia LANGLEY-62 (1857- ) Georgia 4-- Jeptha V. LANGLEY-54 (1816- ) Jackson Co. Georgia sp-Catherine MOORE-57 ( - ) 5-- Lucinda LANGLEY-69 (1835- ) Georgia sp Andrew P. Beaver (1831-1878) 5-- Permelia Cathereine LANGLEY-70 (1837-1870) Georgia 5-- Thomas LANGLEY-71 (1843- ) Georgia 5-- Elizabeth LANGLEY-72 (1845- ) Georgia 5-- Missouti LANGLEY-73 (1847- ) Georgia 5-- Miles Luther LANGLEY-74 (1849- ) Georgia sp Louisa J. Hooper (1850-1886) 6-- Victor Vinor LANGLEY 1879-1953 sp Ethel Lavenia Warren (1885-1955) 7-- Grady LANGLEY Sr. (1915-1981 sp Ethel Gertrude Williams (1914-2005) 8-- Grady Langley Jr. sp Fannie Connell (1855-1920) 4-- Cyntha LANGLEY (1820-1858) Georgia sp Samuel Hamby (1817-1858) Georgia 5-- Greenberry Hamby (1845- ) Gwinnett Co. Georgia 5-- Permelia A. Hamby (1848- ) Gwinnett Co. Georgia 5-- Naty H. Hamby (1850- ) Gwinnett Co. Georgia 5-- Samuel Hamby Jr. 5-- Thomas Hamby sp Laura Ann Edwards 6-- Thomas Pliny Hamby sp _____ _____ 7-- Dawn Hamby 5-- Alexander Hamby (1856- )Georgia 3-- William LANGLEY-15 (1803-1892) Caswell Co. North Carolina sp-Margaret UNKNOWN-52 (1800- ) Georgia 4-- Barbara LANGLEY-53 (1842- ) ,,Gwinnett Co.,Georgia sp-William R. BROGDON-14 (1839-1862) ,,Gwinnett Co.,Georgia 3-- David LANGLEY-23 (1805-1881) ,,,North Carolina sp-Sarah BENNETT-26 (1801- ) 4-- William T. LANGLEY-27 (1830-1860) sp-Sarah-29 ( - ) 5-- Malissa Caroline LANGLEY-30 ( - ) 5-- Parsade LANGLEY-32 ( - ) 5-- Marietta LANGLEY-31 ( - ) 5-- Joseph Warren LANGLEY-33 ( - ) 4-- John R. LANGLEY-28 ( - ) sp-Lucinda FEW-34 ( - ) 5-- William Henry David LANGLEY-35 ( -1940) 3-- Nancy LANGLEY-24 ( -1850) sp-Bird WISDOM-40 ( - ) 4-- Francis L. WISDOM-48 ( - ) 4-- William T. WISDOM-49 ( - ) 4-- John L. WISDOM-50 ( - ) 4-- Joseph L. WISDOM-51 ( - ) 3-- Mary LANGLEY-25 ( -1879) 2-- Joseph LANGLEY-41 ( -1861) 2-- Wiley LANGLEY-42 ( - ) 2-- Moses LANGLEY-43 ( - ) 2-- Alcey LANGLEY-44 ( - ) sp-Matthew TANNER [Jr]-46 ( - ) 2-- Mary LANGLEY-45 ( - ) sp-William BRANDON-47 ( - ) 3-- Parthenia U BRANDON-76 (1805-1845) sp-Daniel Pentacost CLOWER-75 (1805-1845) Georgia

    This is the family of Karen Powell.
    And her Langley was also in Gwinnett Co. Ga. Can anyone connect the two families?

    James W. Langley was born in NC in 1825 and he married Sarah A. ( maiden name unknown) she was born in SC in 1829. They are my great-great-grandparents. Their children were Marge Langley (she was blind and never married) she was born in Gwinnett Co., GA. in 1847. Nathan B. Langley was born January 21, 1849 in Gwinnett Co., GA he is my great-grandfather. He was in the Civil War as a member of Co.G 8th GA Cavalry. He served only 2 years but he received a pension from Walker and Winstion Co., AL. On February 1, 1866 in Paulding Co., GA he married Eliza Elizabeth Meeks. They had 7 children: (1) Nancy Jane she was born in Campbell Co., GA in 1870.She married Wiley Page Russell and they lived most of their married lives in Shelby Co., AL. They had 15 children. (2) James W. he was born in Campbell Co., GA in May of 1872. He married an Annah (don't know maiden name) (3) Martha Matilda (called Tilda) was born in GA in 1874. (4) Nathan B. , Jr. was born in GA in October of 1877 (called BEA) (5) Wiley Jackson (my grandfather) he was born in St. Clair Co., AL on March 6, 1880 and he lived most of his life in Walker and Winston and Marion Co.'s in Alabama. He was married twice (1) Ninnie Callahan and (2) Cora Luker. He had 17 children total. (6) Leeler was born April of 1887 in Winston Co., AL She married George Gibson. (7) Edward was born January 1889 in Winston Co., AL. He lived most of his life in Winston Co., and married Belle Hamner. Nathan B. and Eliza Meeks Langley moved to Walker Co., AL around 1915 to the Union Chapel Community of Cordova. They are buried in UNION CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH CEMETERY. Eliza ( 4-14-1851 to 12-3-1934) Nathan B. (1-21-1849 to 1-20-1929).

    To the best of my memory, the last time we communicated was in 2000.  I
    have seen your name many times in my genealogical research.  I just
    happened to see your recent note on
    which led me to revisit your 1997 web site regarding the Langley family
    lineage.  I feel a need to provide you with some information regarding a
    few matters in the descendancy that is shown there.  Hopefully you can
    update that web site with the following information.
    I have been researching my Langley line for over 35 years now, and keep
    in touch few the few other genealogists who are researching the same
    family line, including William (Chief) Bell which you credit in the web
    site.  We are all in general concurrence with the following lineage.
    My g-g-grandfather is Jeptha V. Langley, born 1816 Jackson Co, GA.  Your
    lineage is correct for some of the siblings of Jeptha being;
    Thomas T. Langley, born 1805-1806 GA
    Miles M. Langley, born abt 1809 GA
    But from there your lineage goes astray.  The above brothers did not have
    a sister named Sarah Ann Langley.   From what I have seen, that Sarah's
    married name is Langley.  Sarah married William J. Langley, who is the
    son of Miles and Nancy Jetton Langley.  Even though that family was also
    in Jackson Co, GA, I have not been able to establish a connection to my
    Jeptha V, Thomas T, and Miles M. did have other siblings including;
    Nata Harris Langley, b 1818-1819 GA
    Enoch W. Langley, b 1821 GA
    Hepsibah Langley, b abt 1826 GA
    Lucinda Langley, b 1833 Gwinnett Co, GA
    The parents of the above siblings were not Thomas and Ester Kitchen
    (Kitchens) Langley.  I and all the researchers of my line have come to
    that conclusion after years of research.  I have researched Thomas and
    Ester extensively in an attempt to identify a connection to my line, but
    have yet to find evidence except for one reference in a book titled
    "Gwinnett County, Georgia Deaths  1818-1968", pg. 404.  There, Jeptha V.
    Langley was listed as administrator for Thomas Langley, husband of Esther
    Kitchens on Nov. 15, 1856.  I have seen the microfilm of the county
    estate record in Gwinnett Co, GA showing Jeptha V. as the administrator
    of  Thomas' estate in 1856, however it does not mention Thomas' wife or
    his children.  All other info on Thomas and Esther indicate they lived in
    a different part of Gwinnett Co. than my ancestors.  They also came to
    Gwinnett Co. at a different time than my line.  Researchers of Thomas and
    Esther have provided names of their children, and they don't match the
    siblings of Jeptha V. Langley.  They did have a daughter named Sarah Ann
    Barbara Langley however.
    My best guess is that the above reference in the book to the estate
    records was a combination of info gathered by the authors of that book.
    They probably made the assumption that the deceased Thomas was the same
    Thomas that is the husband of Esther since all lived in Gwinnett Co.
    The researchers of my line all tend to agree that the parents of Thomas
    T, Miles M, Jeptha V, etc. are Thomas and Nancy Langley of Jackson Co,
    GA.  Unfortunately Nancy's maiden name is unknown.  They were members of
    the Walnut Fork Primitive Baptist Church near Braselton, Jackson Co.
    prior to 1826, the year the migrated to Gwinnett Co.  They were found in
    the Haynes Creek Primitive Baptist Church around 1827, located just south
    of Grayson.  1840 and 1850 census finds some of the children living in
    that area....some next door to widow Nancy.
    Nothing is known about the generations prior to Thomas and Nancy Langley.
     Your chart indicates that Thomas, husband of Esther, was the son of John
    and a wife who was a Richmond before marriage.  I have seen info from
    researches who claim that the parents of Thomas (husband of Esther
    Kitchen) are John Langley, and that he married twice.  Once to a Margaret
    Richmond, and also to a Nancy Margaret Brandon.  By the latter wife, he
    had these children;
    Thomas Langley
    Nancy Langley
    William L. Langley
    Mary Langley
    David Langley
    The grandparents supposedly were Thomas and Mary Wiley Langley of Caswell
    Co, NC.
    I hope you will consider updating your database.  I have attached a
    descendancy report for my Thomas and Nancy Langley for your use.
    Now....I have a question for you.  I have seen information you published
    somewhere (can't recall where) that Miles M. Langley married twice.  You
    showed that his first wife's name as unknown, but her birth years as
    1805, death year as 1845.  I have been unable to find any other
    information about her, except that one researcher found her name as D.
    Mulligan.  That researcher thought the source of that name was the book
    "Gwinnett County Churches" by Flanigan, but I have not found that book.
    Can you recall where you got that info?
    Also, you mention Tom Moore in your Langley database.  I have tried for
    years to contact him, but do not have a current e-mail address for Tom.
    I have not seen him out there on the Internet in a long time.  Do you
    know how to reach him?
    I hope you will consider my Langley lineage updates for your web site,
    and can help me with these two questions.
    Grady Langley, Jr.
    Dallas, TX

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