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The Story of Imboden
The Clover Bend Museum 07-21-1999
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Lawrence Co Query Page.
Ben and Judy White Connected Families of Lawrence Co. 05-09-1999
Lawrence Co. Arkansas and the Civil War

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Nancy Matthews Pages for Lawrence Co.
Please check this link for lots of Lawrence Co. Records

We are frequently confused with:

Lawrence Co, Missouri Territory,

became Lawrence County, Arkansas 1819; "Many
Arkansas families went back and forth across state lines
between MO & AR. Our Lawrence Co. was here a long
time and was about 1/3 of the state of {now} AR in 1815."

Cemetery of Lawrence Co.

Marriage Record for Lawrence Co.

Marriages 1821 - 1837 The Grooms list
#2 Brides List - 1821-1837
#3 Marriage Officials (Ministers and Jp's) 1821-1837

Officers of Lawrence County

Officers of Lawrence County, Missouri Territory, 1815-1816

Census Records of Lawrence Co.

1840 Census Index for Lawrence Co.
1850 Census Index of name in Black River TWP
1850 Census Index of name in Reads Creek TWP
1850 Census index of Springriver TWP
1850 Census Index of Strawberry TWP
1850 Us Census Complete listing on USGenNet's Safe-Site FTP Server
1860 Us Census Complete listing on USGenNet's Safe-Site FTP Server

Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs

Biography of Rev. Jesse James and first Babtist Church in Arkansas

Migration Of Lawrence Co. Families

Family Charts of Other Counties

Craighead Co. Family Charts
Greene Co. Familiy Charts
Poinsett Co. Family Charts

Surnames of Lawrence Co. and Researchers
With Descendancy Charts


To have your family chart placed on the Lawrence Co. page please send me a gedcom file of them and I will compair with what I have and create a family chart like the ones below. These charts can be cross link with other family names. I can show your connection and give a Email link back to you so others can know you are working on this family and how you connect. I am unable to keep up with other sites and links, because they chang addresses too much. It would require a full time job just to keep the updates made. E-Mail address is hard enough to keep up.
If we all work together we can put Lawrence Co. back togather from Census records, Cemetery records, Family Records and ect.
Bill Couch



William H. BENNETT Family
Amos J. Bratcher Updates will come soon. 08-26-1999
Robert W.Brim Family of Lawrence Co.
BROOKFIELD Family Of Lawrence Co. and Poinsett Co. Arkansas 3-28-2000
Caleb Blagg Family of North Carolina To Lawrence Co.


James N. Callahan Family Of Lawrence Co.
Dennis Cason Family
John, David, & Jacob A. CASPER family of Lawrence Co, Arkansas12-27-2000
Thomas Cooper Cooper family of Lawrence
Andrew J. Couch Family of Lawrence,Craighead and Sharp Co.
Anthony Cozart family of Lawrence Co. Arkansas 18 jun 2002
CRAIG family of Lawrence Co. 10 Sep 2001
Benjamin Crowley Family
Crow family of Lawrence County


The DAVIDSON Family of Lawrence,Randolph and Greene Co. Ark
The DOBBS family of Lawrence and Randolph Co. Arkansas 07-14-1999
James Doyle & Sarah Raper Of Lawrence Co. Ar. form Dade Co. Ga.
James Edward Doyle Of Lawrence Co.
Duke family of Lawrence Co.
Descendants of William C. Dunehew of Howell Co. Mo.


C. E. ERWIN Family of Lawrence Co.


FARMER family of Lawrence Co.
The FELKINS Family of Lawrence Co.
FORD Family of Lawrence and Jackson Co. Arkansas 27 mar 1999
FORTENBERRY Of Lawrence Co. Arkansas
Fortenberry Of Lawrence Co. Arkansas--by John & Maxine Fortenberry.
The Fry Family of Lawrence Co. Arkansas


Peter Gist Family
James Guess from Paririe & Conwary Co to Lawrence Co. Arkansas.


HALL family of Lawrence Co. 09 Nov 2001
Hardin Family of Lawrence 02-27-2000
Harris Family of Lawrence Co. 10 sep 2001
John Hawkins Family
Gideon C. Hennessee from Tennessee to Lawrence Co.
James M Higginbottom of Kentucy to Lawrence Co.Arkansason Nancy Matthew Server
James M Higginbottom of Kentucy to Lawrence Co.Arkansason Bill Couch Server.
Holder Family of Lawrence Co. Arkansas
Benjamin Presley Holmes Family of Lawrence,Craighead and Cleburne Co. Arkansas
John Riley Hooten family of Lawrence Co. Arkansas. 2 Mar 1999
Horned Family of Lawrence Co.
HUGG family of Lawrence Co.


Benjamin Imboden


Jeffery family from Izard and Lawrence Co. Arkansas
Amos Justus family of Randolph and Lawrence Co.



The Lamb Family of Lawrence and other counties25 aug 2010
The Hoard Watts Lane family of NC,TN and Arkansas
Lawson family of Lawrence Co.9 Nov 2001
Long Family from Dade Co. Ga. to Lawrence Co. Arkansas


John MANNING Family of St. Clair Co. Alabama & Muhlenburg Co. Ky. To Lawrence Co. Ark.
Francis MANNING Family of Lawrence Co. Son of John Manning with Cross links
MARCHBANKS family from Tennessee to Lawrence Co.
Jacob Lonas MASSEY Sr.5 mar 1998
McCALL Family of Lawrence,Craighead, and Randolph Co. Arkansas
McCaroll Family of Lawrence Co.
David Richard McENTIRE Family
McLEOD Family History of Lawrence Co. Arkansas
MILLIGAN of Independence Co. Arkansas to Lawrence Co.
Mobley Family of Sharp and Lawrence Co. 07-29-2001
MULLEN family of Lawrence Co.


Descendants of Nancy Tennessee Felkins Neal
NEWBERRY family of Lawrence Co. (The link is now bad at anyone know who had this page?



Penn Family
Claiborne PINNELL family of Lawrence Co.
David POER Family of Lawrence Co.06-11-1999

The family of Wilson Price
William PYLAND Family from Bedford Co. Tennessee to Randolph and Lawrence Co.11-05-1999


Benjamin Franklin RAGSDALE Of Crawford and Lawrence Co.09-12-1999
The RICHEY Family of Lawrence Co. 07-10-2000
The RHEA Family of Craighead, Green and Lawrence Co. Arkansas
The RICHARDSON Family of Craighead and Lawrence Co.
James ROBERTSON family of Lawrence Co.10-22-1999
John Runyan Family with Lawrence Co. Connection12 8 2000


William Saffell b 1814 Tenn. of Lawrence Co. Arkansas
The SHARP Family of Lawrfence Co. Arkansas 10 Sep 2001
Fergua Sloan Family of Lawrence and Craighead Co. Arkansas
Solomon Sharp Family of Lawrence Co.
SNIDER family of Lawrence Co. 09 Nov 2001
Henry Thomas Snow of Lawrence Co. Arkansas
Sullivan Family Of Sharp and Lawrence Co. 07-29-2001


James Lee TATE family of Lawrence Co Arkansas10-06-1999
George Thomas Family
Lewis Robert TURNER Family of Lawrence Co. 12-09-2000


Underwood, Capt. James


Jacob Vance Descendants from Ireland to Tennessee to Lawrence,Sharp and Randolph co. in Arkansas


Joseph Ware Family of Lawrence Co.
John Robert Ward family of Lawrence Co. Arkansas
Silas WHITE with Lawrence and Craighead Co. Connections
The Talamachus Whittaker family from Missouri to Lawrence Co. bef 1850
John Whittaker of Lawrence Co. from Missouri and Ky.
Wilson family of Lawrence Co. 01-11-2002

If you have family in Lawrence Co. I will be glad to search my data bases to see if we can make a connection.

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