Couch Family Genealogy

Hello my name is Bill Couch and I would like to use this server to have a place for anyone that is researching the COUCH family to have a place to combind their research with other COUCH researchers. I will try to create a page that will show your line of Couches and where they was from and how they moved across the us. I am sure all of us who has researched the Couch line has info other than the info on their own line. I think we can all help each other. With a grou p effort we may be able to prove or disprove some of the way we think these lines go.

I have a data base of over 350000 Couches in it. I have received a number of Gedcom files and I see that there is a number of different opinion on some of these families.

Others seem to be pretty will researched but some of that info I still have some doubt about. I am sure some of you have ran into the same thing. I would like to see if we could get a link to a Descendancy Chart for each line of Couch that we can and who all is working on that line. And see if we can improve on what we all have.

My Line is the Benjamin Couch that died in Spartanburg Co. S.C that named Eli and Levi in his will. His wife was Delilah last name unknown, She is beleived to be his second wife. But when she died she named 12 hers as her children.


Bill Couch
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If you would like to join us send me a message and a little info on your oldest Couch. A family of him would help. I will then get your name and you family on the chart and see if I can help you.

Send a message to
Bill Couch
make the subject Couch
I will also try to make a Quries Page for us.