Washington DNA TESTING

1.  Establish the Project objectives

The Y chromosome is passed from father to son unchanged, except for a
mutation about every 500 generations.  Testing the Y chromosome will
provide you with a genetic finger print consisting of 12 or 25 numbers.
By comparing this finger print to others with your surname, you can
determine if they are related.

The objectives of Surname Projects vary.  Here are a few:

Identify others who are related
Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors
Solve brick walls in your research
Determine a location for further research
Validate existing research

Often a Surname Project has multiple objectives, and the objectives may
even change over the life of the project.

Y-chromosome DNA analysis offers exciting opportunities to learn more about early
Couch Descendants.
You too can participate, I have arranged with FTDNA to offer a 12-locus DNA analysis for a reduced rate of $99.00 per test kit for those who wish to participate.
We need to get 6 male Couch's to join in for this reduced rate.

Washington Participatants's Earilest Ancestors:

Below is a list of the Washington's that are particapating in this study presently. If you wish to have your name listed pleas contact me. (Bill Couch)

Or click here
Then Click on (W) then fill out form to request to Join the group.

Please include a address where to send the Kit and invoice.

As the kits get ordered I will place the kit number by name

Or if you wish to order the kit yourself click here.
  • Please join the Washington malil list, This is where I will post new members and the results of the DNA test.
  • Another Great Washington Page

    Test Results that have Came back
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  • #03843 Henry Edward Washington (Don't have his connection)
    #08564 Mrs Joyce E. Jackson (Dont have a Connection)
    #08679 David George Washington b. 1874 in North Carolina
    #09464 Thomas Washington
    000000 Richard Washington 1685 No DNA on this line yet.
    #11843 Allen Washington Descendant of James Washington of Northampton NC. Do not have his Connection yet.
    #12920 James Allan Washington George Washington of Pontotoc Co. Mississippi
    #13684 Greg Washington Descendant of George Washington of Ponototoc Co. Mississippi
    #25774 Hugh Washington s/o George Thomas Washington Grandfather b abt 1880 lived in Cherokee Co. Ga. Before moving to Fla.
    #33628 Paul Emory Washington descendant of Samuel Washington
    #38080 Tommy Washington Descendant of Ephriam Washington
    #50027 Lee Large Winston
    #50325 James E. Washington Descendant of JCB Washington
    #46605 John Michael Washing (Test not returned to FTDNA yet)
    #82503 Ray Von Hincher Test returned and is in Group 3
    #82545 Ernest J Washington (Just ordereed test 21 jan 2007)
    #94776 Rod Washington (Test is back Don't know connection yet)
    #95089 William H. Washinton (Results due back 08/31/2007)
    128530 Kenneth Wayne Washington
    148761 Tommy Washington
    153581 Richard Kelly Washington
    157931 David Earl Washington Test are back but does not match with anyone we have now.
    205169 Terry Lee Washington
    223033 Guy H. Washington
    231485 James Allen Washington
    A 3145 Odie Washington

    This is all I have on hugh #25774 at this time, any help will be appreciated Hugh's Washington b. LIVING Cherokee Co. GA. (Siblings: Columbus b. abt. 1903, Dessie and Jim b. abt. 1901) George Thomas Washington b. 21 Feb. 1902 GA d. 1958 Cobb Co. GA (Searched for his father his entire life.) Dovie Victoria Blalock b. 04 Oct 1908 Unknown Washington b. abt. 1866 (Abandoned his family, rumor he moved to FLA from Cherokee Co. GA) Marjorie Josephine Cornett b. 20 Mar 1866 d. GA

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