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FTDNA Public results
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List of Family Charts
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2224 William McCeney Click here for his family pages Group 1
6774 Barbara Whitaker & Neal - Telemachus & Thomas Whittaker Of Kentucky R1b1c-Group 1
7364 Robert "Bob" Whitaker - Mark Whitaker 1685 R1b1c-Group 1
7759 Weldon Whitaker - Giles Whiteaker (1790 Tax list Russell Co. VA) R1b1c-Group 1
7879 William Axley Whitaker - Mark Whitaker 1685 R1b1c-Group 1
8004 Norman Whittaker and Jim Drew- Whitaker (line goes back to Giles Whitaker)R1b1c-Group 1
8020 Robert Scott Whitaker - Joshua Whitaker of England to Maryland Group 2
8975 David G. Whitaker (Robert Whitaker of England) Group 3
8992 Philip Worthington Whitaker Grandson of Benjamin Gardner Whitaker (1868-1936) Test not returned to FTDNA
9593 Arthur Whittaker Descendnat of John Whittaker and BettyRamsbottom Group 4
9708 Burns Whitaker who is the father to Rosemary Colvin. (Mark Whitaker Chart) R1b1c-Group 1
9832 Tim Whitaker (Do not know his connection yet )Group 2 Need new address
8992 Philip Worthington Whitaker (test not back to FTDNA yet)
10387 Marjorie Mearns - Silvanus Whitaker of New York ,Brother will do test. Group 5
10792 Anthony Whitaker, Of Stockbridge, Hampshire, England, Group 1
10893 Rodney Whitaker, Of Broadclough, Group 2
10918 David Whitaker (Don't have family Tree.) Group 2
11199 Bob Whitaker of Georgia Group 1 need his connection
11919 Ray WhitakerJohn Whitaker of Hartford and Baltimore Co. Maryland
11995 Patsy Whitaker Group 1 need her connection
12154 J. Whitaker Group 2
12209 Bruce Whitaker Geanine Whitaker Mauldin of Giles Whitaker line Group 1
12292 James S. Whittaker Jr. Descendant of Lyman Whittaker 1804 NH
13461 Donald Whittaker (Group 4) Do not have his connection
13610 Dee Whittaker (Don't have tree yet) Results are back and is in Group 4
15997 Robert Whitaker (Don't have Tree yet) (test not back to FTDNA yet) 4-4-2004
17320 Steven Whitaker Group 1
17510 Delbert Whitaker Goodwin (Don't have Tree yet) Group 1
20403 George Briton Whitecar
22324 James Whittaker
39171 Paul Thompson Whitaker
N14027 Richard Whittaker
47550 Charles Whitaker,, (Test is back) Group 1
59500 Matthew Tracy Whittaker
63467 Peter David Whitaker Test is back and posted in Group 1
73901 Charles Kendall Whittaker Group 5
75196 William Scott Whittaker Group 3
77536 Gordon Wallace Whitaker ungrouped
93687 Robert Donald Whitaker
94637 David M. Whitaker
98479 William Whitaker, (Mark Whitaker Chart Group 1
106087 Robert Toombs Whitaker I-M253 Group 2
109461 William Whittaker Test are back Group 6 I1a ( Don't have connection yet)
112436 Edgel Berton Whitaker (R1b1c) Test are back Group 1
118518 Paul Whitaker Neal Whitaker ordered test
118703 Stanley Whitaker Group 1 Mark Whitaker Chart
128640 Jimmy Jack Whitaker Descendant of Jazeb Group 1
133846 David Lee Whitaker Group 2
136035 James Aurthor Whitaker No Family chart yet.
136121 Bill Whitaker No family chart yet
N70398 Ms. Dixie Whitacre Hefner ????
153597 Dr. Gary R. Whitaker 06/05/2009 y 25 Mark Whitaker family chart Group 1
158419 Mr. Joe D. Whitaker 07/22/2009 y 37 Jabez family Chart Group 1
159975 Robert Whittaker 07/28/2009 37mtdna
166409, Robert Whitaker Test are back and in Group 1, but has a lots of mutation or is not a match
171347 Virgil Whitaker Test are back and is in Group 1
179258 Kenneth Richard Whitaker
180359 David Joseph Whittaker
183337 Paul William Whitaker Test back at lab for processing (Do not have his Connectin)
186884 Loren Whittaker Test are back and is in Group 5
206267 Milton Dwaine Whittaker
227898 John Merwyn Whitake Kit back 1-2012 Need to get Connection
241992 Paul D. Whitaker Need To get Connection
638150 Daniel "Dan" Whitaker Robert E. Whittaker
B4064 Mr. Joseph Williams

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WHITTAKER Descendants of John Whitaker of Baltimore Co.

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